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TV Wall Mounting (hidden cables)


With the release of plasma and LCD TV-panels it is become possible to work with presence of TV in the room in ruther interesting way using the wall TV Wall Mounting. The flat TV can even decorate the wall, pre-selecting the appropriate section of color or texture.
TV Wall Mounting allows to mask presence of modern equipment in traditional or the retro exterior – the flat TV looks as a picture.


TV Wall mountingTV Wall Mounting, to all other, permits to save a place which is needed for too big pillars and struts.


However, each time stopping at the wall-mounted TV, there is a question: where to hide wires and cables? If apartment is in a state of repair, it is necessary to prepare beforehand the space for the location of the TV and the respective findings for it. It is necessary to plan 3 conventional outlet for the monitor and TV one. You turn on the plasma monitor, tuner, and Wi-Fi adapter in them. All of these outputs can be hidden directly behind the plasma monitor.


If the wall is concrete, it is not good to ruin it for internal cable channel, especially if you are not planning repair. Otherwise, of course, it is possible to do it if you are sure that after repair within several years you won’t change the TV location.


The most safe and invisible method – to lay cables within the wall, between the wall and the plasterboard, or in the provided emptiness.


If the repair is already made, all the wires can be hidden in the cable box and gently bring it to your TV. Later this box is proposed to be issue in the style of the wall on which it is located – in order to maximize his disguise.


Do not forget! When planning of your TV installation on the wall, you must first check the technical ability to carry out this operation.


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