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Video surveillance systems that work on technology HD-CVI are the budget alternative to solutions based on IP or HD-SDI cameras. The HD-CVI format implies the patented technology of video signal modulation, that can transfer video even with the permission 1080p (1920 x 1080) in an uncompressed format on standard cables which are used for analog CCTV cameras. Besides, thanks to the HD-CVI technologies the uncompressed video format can be transferred to long distances (in comparison with HD-SDI or IP) without special requirements to quality of transmission lines. Format HD-CVI can transmit video, audio and control signals (OSD or PTZ) via a single cable instead of using separate cables for each transfer.


HD-CVI CCTV SystemUsing the HD-CVI cameras is cost-effective. In most cases the HD-CVI CCTV System is the same cost as an analog video surveillance equipment high-price segment, and much cheaper than HD-SDI or IP camera.


The advantages of HD-CVI CCTV System:
HD-CVI CCTV System are capable of transmitting video with a resolution up to 1080p (2 MP). Format HD-CVI provides 450% more resolution and detail than standard CCTV cameras;
HD-CVI can transfer video, audio and control via one cable, so it saves time and money;
HD-CVI can be transferred through the coaxial cable at distances up to 500 meters;
• the video signal of HD-CVI CCTV System can be transferred via a coaxial cable or the Ethernet cable using special converters. This allows to use existing cable infrastructure and save money and time;
HD-CVI cameras have no problems with delay or loss of video. This means that the equipment HD-CVI will not use the computer network and is much easier to install and configure.


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