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Free Sat


The satellite television means broadcast from satellite, located in a geostationary orbit above the equator. The satellites are always in the same point in the sky – they have a permanent position.


In general, there are two broadcast standards of satellite TV: SD and HD.
SD – standart definition – it is broadcast in standard permission (576 lines for PAL and 480 lines for NTSC). Approximately 90% channels is working in such a way.
HD – high definition – it is high resolution format 1080i (1920×1080).


For those who are just beginning to use satellite TV, it is necessary to buy a satellite aerial with the converter and a satellite receiver (receiver or TV tuner).
When selecting the satellite receiver note whether it supports satellite broadcasting standard DVB-S. If it supports DVB-S2 – very well – it’s broadcasting format of the new generation!
Free SatIf the customer has no time to study the satellite aerials and receivers market, it is always possible to use ready sets of satellite equipment. The set includes the satellite aerial of a certain size, the receiver of the necessary type, cable and access card (if the channel viewing is offered on a fee basis).


Free satellite TV (TV for which you will not pay a monthly fee) is available for connection to all users of satellite aerials and digital receivers. To increase the number of free satellite channels many users are adjusted on some satellites by means of several aerials.


In order to choose the best option for watching free free satellite TV channels, please contact our specialists and they will offer you high-quality and prompt decision! Become our client and you will get not only high-quality equipment of satellite TV, but a reliable partner who is always ready to provide competent service, installation and connection of the satellite equipment.