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Home Cinema install


What is a Home Cinema? This is the system, which includes several components. The basic components of the Home Cinema system are:
• screen (projector, plasma or LCD TV);
• the source of audio and video (DVD-player, a video tuner);
• intensifying part – a receiver;
• acoustic system of loudspeakers.


Home Cinema installFirst of all, at the selection and installation of Home Cinema you need to pay attention to the quality of projection equipment and video pane. These components will help you to get realistic, colorful, live images on the big screen. Do not forget, a human receives more than 60% of information about the world through sight. The image on the screen is a powerful information channel that sends us information that capable subtly affect the emotional state.


Now about the sound: to sound as close as possible to reality, you need the acoustic system of loudspeakers. It is recommended to select the acoustic system, which consists of five or more components. Our experts will help you to install loudspeakers in such a way to create a three-dimensional soundstage.


The main component of the Home Cinema is the receiver. This device combines the functions of a multichannel sound decoder, radio tuner and multi-channel audio amplifier. It is joined to the receiver all the components of the system – reproducing audio and video devices, the monitor (TV), acoustic system. Installation and settings of the Home Cinema can be done via receiver.


Installation of the Home Cinema, acoustic system is the important step toward creating a cozy atmosphere in your home. That is why the design and installation and setting of Home Cinema systems are especially demanded now.