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Analogue CCTV System


Despite the fact that the development of modern technologies analogue CCTV Systems become not very popular, though they are still used quite often. If you need to organize video surveillance in small rooms, small offices and warehouses, parking lots, cafes and so on, the analogue CCTV is the best option in terms of price / quality ratio.


Analogue CCTV systems have their advantages and disadvantages.

Analogue CCTV SystemAdvantages of analogue CCTV systems:
– Low cost – often the price of analog cameras is lower than the price of IP cameras;
– Ability to combine equipment – analog CCTV system can combine different models of cameras with any recording and playback (DVR) equipment from different manufacturers;
– Analog cameras work better in low light conditions compared with the IP cameras.


Disadvantages of analogue CCTV systems:
– Expensive communications: for large-scale surveillance sites analog cameras require complex and costly communication circuits;
– Restricted features: many features that IP cameras are equipped (e.g., megapixel resolution, digital zoom, POE (Power over Internet cable) and video analytics) are not available in analog camcorders.


Nevertheless the camera is a basis of any CCTV system. Video camera is an optical device, which CCD generates a video signal from a light flux passing through the objective lens and a group of lenses and getting the matrix. If there is an acute need for scaling the analog camera can be upgraded via conversion unit of analog video to digital. These CCTV cameras can already connect to digital video CCTV.


Taking attention to all above-mentioned it should be noted that the analog video solutions can still be very effective for many budget decisions.
Become our client and you will get not only the best variant of high-quality equipment of CCTV system, but a reliable partner who is always ready to provide competent service.