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Foreign IP TV


Among the fans of spending their free time watching television, you can often hear the term IP TV. What is it? IP TV is the digital interactive TV of a new generation!
The complex IP TV includes the following components:
• Subsystem of complex and services Management, which is also called «IPTV Middleware»
• The subsystem of content receiving and processing
• Subsystem of content protection
• Subsystem of video servers
• Subsystem for monitoring the quality of streams and customer equipment.


If you choose IP TV, it gives you the ability to watch TV on your computer screen or on your TV.
Foreign IP TVThe big advantage of IP TV is that this digital technology allows you to transfer multiple language tracks, so you can choose during the broadcast the language in which to watch movies, for example, Russian or English. With this function, you can safely choose for watching foreign channels not owning a foreign language.


Thanks to IP TV you receive:
– Image quality;
– The sound of Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround;
– The ability to watch your favorite movie at any time by selecting it in the catalog, and not waste time for searching and downloading it from the Internet;
– Management of the living ether – watching your favorite show, you can press “pause” or rewind directly during the broadcast;
– The ability to use a reminder about the beginning of the film, meanwhile, continue to watch another channel;
– The ability record a few favorite TV shows or movies simultaneously and parallel to watch another channel;
– The ability to use the menu of the electronic TV guide, view the schedule for the week ahead. Menu allows you searching by genre, date and time of viewing.


Surely it can be said that IP TV is the quality TV standard for the next decade! Our experts are ready to help you to get quality IP TV, as well as provide further support.