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Small business


In today’s world, many managers consider that surveillance cameras in the offices are the integral part of any business. They allow to estimate the events that occur in the cabinet walls, to improve employee productivity and discipline.


Most often in the offices there are installed dome cameras, which may have or may not have such features as recording, infrared (IR) illumination. Also people choosing the camera, are guided by the final result – the image quality, which depends on the camera resolution, video recorder, the power supply system.


Small businessSo, videocameras can be divided into three groups:
– analog videocameras – as the result there is the color image with a resolution of 420-700 TVL (704 * 576 pixels);
– IP cameras – the image will have FULL HD resolution (1920 * 1080);
– the most advanced models of IP cameras will please the user with the image of 10 megapixels resolution;


Choosing a videorigestrator it is worth to pay attention to the following indicators:
– The resolution at which videorigestrator can record content,
– The records quality,
– The maximum period of recorded video storage.


The components of the power system are the power supply, protection against power surges, uninterruptible power supply.
With regard to the principle and features of CCTV system work in the offices, the system is approximately the following:
1) The video recorder and the monitor are installed often in the guard, sometimes in the cabinet of manager.
2) The video surveillance system is configured to work around the clock, recording starts on the movement.
3) It is possible to watch for occurring on the monitor or on a local network (on the tablet, smartphone, etc.). It is recommended to set up the possibility of viewing remotely (via the Internet).