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Category: CCTV news
CCTV in supermarket

In Shevington CCTV helped to catch a thief in the supermarket

13.11.2015 CCTV news 0

In Shevington thanks to CCTV cameras it became able to catch the thief who stole the smartphones from supermarket shelves.
Police arrived at one of the network supermarkets, because the emergency call button triggered and called the police. details

CCTV Wilpshire

ССTV helped to catch a liar

13.11.2015 CCTV news 0

The department of traffic police in Wiltshire recently received a complaint about some dishonest residents try to cheat the law. On August 17 at 5:25 (in the early morning) a man driving a car Rover has made road accident near a well-known pub in the city – it was hit a parked car details

CCTV Waterfoot

CCTV recorded video with face of the criminal in Waterfoot

13.11.2015 CCTV news 0

The Department which works with offenders of Waterfoot city said that in October this year, they were approached by a local stores representative. The man reported that someone stole two video cameras, through which conducted the surveillance. The total damage amounted to £ 220. details

What is the “IP-cameras’ intellect”?

12.11.2015 CCTV news 0

The concept of “intellect” can be read in conjunction with CCTV since that time, as there IP-cameras appeared. The phrase ” IP-cameras’ intellect” means embedded video analytics, i.e. algorithms that can detect, track and identify objects, moreover, can take independent decisions on the people illegal behavior or emergencies occurring in the field of view. details