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CCTV Waterfoot

CCTV recorded video with face of the criminal in Waterfoot

13.11.2015 CCTV news 0

The Department which works with offenders of Waterfoot city said that in October this year, they were approached by a local stores representative. The man reported that someone stole two video cameras, through which conducted the surveillance. The total damage amounted to £ 220.

Police had not any difficulties to find the thief. Video surveillance cameras were abducted but CCTV managed to record a video with the process of theft and with the face of the criminal. The thief did not realize that video record were not in the stolen cameras, but on the server.


The police easily tracked down the person who committed the theft. They found 21-year-old resident of Newchurch. As a young man admitted, he wanted to set the cameras at home for domestic outdoor CCTV.


At this moment, the equipment seized and included to the criminal case. The suspect person was detained.

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