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Communal Aerial


In apartment buildings it is often suggested to use one external aerial to watch television in the apartments of one or more entrances. In order the signal is evenly distributed over the apartment it is very important to install the communal aerial properly.


Communal AerialOne of the most important moments during the communal aerial installation is the distance to the broadcasting tower and the obstructions availability on the signal way. It is ideal if the distance to the tower is about 50 kilometers and there is no signal barriers (such as high buildings, which block a signal).
If the distance to the tower is more than 50 kilometers, in this case it is added amplifier with power supply to the aerial. As a matter of experience, they say that in some cases the amplifier does not help, it is better to install an aerial higher for the direct visibility of towers.
It is not very good also if the distance to the tower is less than 50 kilometers – it often causes hindrances on the TV screen. In this situation a special device that reduces the incoming signal (attenuator) is used.


Wishing to buy an aerial, the client is faced with a huge choice and acquiring even the most expensive option, it is not always that is ideal for high definition signal. First of all it is necessary to pay attention to the specific conditions of communal aerial use in the future. For example, if in the territory of customer residence it is heavy to accept a television signal, it is the best to use such aerials, which have hypersensibility and reduced noise generation level. In the big cities and the developed villages there are less quantities of problems with the signal.


In order to properly decide the technical issues on the acquisition and installation of the communal aerial, please contact our specialists, who are always ready to offer the most suitable option for each individual case!